Invoice factoring for suppliers

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Do you need to reduce your administrative load?

What is Invoice Factoring for Suppliers?

Invoice Factoring is a practical financing method that allows companies to finance their growth without having to access debt.
By having a Supplier Factoring line with Equity Link, you allow your supply chain to be strengthened since you give your suppliers the option of having an injection of liquidity into their businesses.
Let us help you free your administrative load. We take care of receiving your invoices and paying them, and you focus on operating your business.

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Receive a service or product

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We receive and manage your invoices

We connect to your ERP for a tailored service.


We make the payments to your suppliers

We are your payment channel.

How Invoice Factoring for Suppliers can help your company

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Equity Link reduces the administrative burden of your business by taking charge of the collection processes for your suppliers' invoices. It works simply: the company receives an advance of the value of the invoices. Supplier factoring helps improve cash flow and reduces the risk of non-payment.

The approval and financing process may vary depending on the complexity of the company and the documentation required. At Equity Link we always strive to streamline the process, working closely with our clients to ensure a quick and efficient response.

Unlike loans or lines of credit, factoring does not generate debt for your company. The main benefit obtained from supplier factoring is not financial, but rather it significantly reduces the administrative burden and improves the relationship with your suppliers by giving them the option to settle their invoices.

At Equity Link we offer flexibility for your suppliers to choose which invoices they want to advance and which to wait until the original payment date. This allows them to tailor the process to their specific financial needs and optimize cash flow based on their priorities.

At Equity Link we take the security of our clients' information and funds very seriously. We implement robust security measures such as data encryption, secure channels (VPN) and constant monitoring, to protect your financial information and guarantee secure transactions at all times. We invite you to consult the privacy notice on our website, where you can find out what information we collect and how it is used.

Supplier factoring can complement existing discount contracts or payment terms with suppliers, providing additional liquidity when necessary. At Equity Link we work with our clients to ensure a harmonious integration with their current business practices.

No problem, at Equity Link we understand that companies may have different suppliers with different payment terms. Our supplier factoring service adapts to these variations, offering flexible solutions to optimize cash flow in all areas of your business.

Do you need to reduce your administrative load?

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