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What is Invoice Factoring for Suppliers?

Invoice Factoring is a practical financing method that allows companies to finance their growth without having to access debt.
When you choose to do factoring you can advance your accounts receivable, obtaining immediate liquidity and letting Equity Link worry about collecting your accounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Invoice Factoring for Clients is a financing method where Equity Link purchases your unpaid invoices in exchange for providing liquidity in less than 24 hours. It works simply: instead of waiting for customers to pay, the company receives an advance of the value of the invoices. This helps improve your cash flow and maintain the operation of your business.

Typically, once you send your invoices you can expect to receive your cash advance within 24 to 48 hours, allowing you to quickly access the funds you need. At Equity Link we strive to offer a fast and efficient service.

Of course, at Equity Link we offer you the flexibility to select which invoices you want to send for factoring. You can choose the invoices that best suit your financial needs, thus optimizing the factoring process according to your priorities.

There is no strict minimum or maximum number of invoices you must submit to be eligible for factoring with Equity Link. We adapt to the needs of your business, giving you the necessary flexibility to factor the number of invoices you require.

At Equity Link we have an online platform that allows you to monitor the status of your invoices in real time. Through this tool you can maintain complete control over your factoring process and be aware of any relevant updates or changes.

We professionally take care of the collection and notification processes for your clients once their invoices are in the factoring process. Our goal is to ensure a seamless experience for you and your clients, maintaining clear and transparent communication at all times.

Factoring itself should not have a negative impact on your credit history or score, as it does not involve debt. If carried out correctly, it can even be positive for your credit bureau history, as it gives you access to better terms and conditions in applications for future lines of credit.

At Equity Link we take the security of our clients' information and funds very seriously. We implement robust security measures such as data encryption, secure channels (VPN) and constant monitoring, to protect your financial information and guarantee secure transactions at all times. We invite you to consult the privacy notice on our website, where you can find out what information we collect and how it is used.

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